Washtenaw's 2019 Reunion

Our 2019 reunion will be held in south Seattle, Washington at the Red Lion Seattle Airport Hotel September 16th to 20th. The room rate with one or two beds is $139.00 + taxes/fees per night. An optional Alaskan cruise for anyone interested may be arranged for the prior week. Our hosts are Ron and Sharon Tucker this year! Contact Ron and Sharon with hotel or Alaskan cruise questions at sharont88@yahoo.com

Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport
18220 International Boulevard Seattle, WA 98188
Phone: 206-246-5535
Hotel Contract Contact: Dawna Tarrant
The group code for booking the hotel is USSW0916
Online registration

Reunion fee covering our hospitality room, Meet & Greet and Banquet Dinner will be $80 or $160 per couple, and is refundable if you must cancel. Please send your registration form and fee to Jim Hopkins by August 15th. Click here for a printable reunion registration form. Be sure to renew your annual membership in the USS Washtenaw County Veterans Association, or better yet renew for 3 years at the discounted rate of $70. Click for association renewal form, or visit the Association page found here to use the PayPal option.

We will continue our policy of inviting crew members of other LSR9 ships, including the LSMR's and IFS-1, and crew of any other LST's to attend our reunions. The idea is to bolster our attendance so we can negotiate better hotel rates. Joining the USS Washtenaw County Veterans Association is encouraged but optional for guest ship crew members!

Silent Auction:  As has been our tradition at previous reunions, there will be a silent auction at the banquet dinner.  We ask that you donate an item from your home state (aprox $15 value suggested). Items from past reunions have included food items (wine, honey, dates, nuts, etc.), Navy memorabilia (hats, coins, silverware, and boatswain whistle, etc.) and craft items.  This activity serves as an ice-breaker before the banquet dinner, as shipmates and their guests try to outbid one another for these items.  Proceeds from the auction are used to help pay for the entertainment at the banquet, and to defray reunion expenses.  We have held this auction many times and have found it to be an enjoyable event as well as a great way to obtain a keepsake from the reunion.

Seattle area attractions:

To request a travel planner: https://www.seattlesouthside.com/explore/request-a-travel-planner/

The USS Turner Joy (DD 951) is a museum ship that pays tribute to the men and women who served, fought, and died during the Vietnam War and beyond. The Officers and Enlisted personnel, who served aboard this ship from 1959 to 1982, left a legacy of honorable service, which is our humble duty to uphold. The ship is a memorial that preserves the U.S. Navy and maritime heritage in the Pacific Northwest as a place for education, reflection, and fun. A place for local area residents and tourists to enjoy the beautiful downtown Bremerton waterfront. USS Turner Joy tours: Adults $16.50/Seniors $13.50

The Seattle Ferry - takes an hour, crossing Puget Sound to arrive in Bremerton. The USS Turner Joy is on the Bremerton Boardwalk within an easy walk of the Ferry Terminal.
Ferry Adults $8.50/Seniors $4.25

Beneath the Streets - is a one hour tour both above and below the streets of Seattle. There are stairs but no other obstacles. It is a tour of old Seattle that has been built over by newer buildings. Cost is $18.00Per Person or a flat rate of $225.00 plus tip for a private group tour. IF we have 13 or more take the tour it comes to $12.50 per person or less per person. Plus tip. By doing a group tour we can choose a time.

The Museum of Flight - is a private non-profit air and space museum in the northwest United States. Individual rates are $21. Scheduled groups of 10 or more are $19.00 each.

The Seattle Chocolate Company: Tours are $10.80 -10% discount for military or seniors. Tours last one hour from 10-2

Ride the Ducks: Tours last 90 minutes one hour on land and 30 minutes in the bay. It is a tour around some of the cities highlights with part of it in the bay where you can see the skyline. Tickets are $32.00 per person or $30.00 for a group.


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