Washtenaw's 2018 Reunion

It is anticipated that our 2018 reunion will be held at the Ramada Gateway Hotel in Kissimmee, Florida, October 14th to 18th and will be hosted by Tom and Lori Osmond. October is later in the year than we are used to but the idea is to miss the tourist season, humidity and hurricane season. Missing the tourist season means lower hotel rates of $69-$79 plus taxes. This will be our first Sunday through Thursday reunion which also helped to lower the hotel bill! Hotel and rates subject to change as no contract has been signed yet.

Hotel reservation information:
To be determined

Disney World is nearby and a group bus ride to Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center has been proposed.

Reunion fee covering our hospitality room, Meet & Greet and Banquet Dinner will be posted when determined.

We will continue our policy of inviting crew members of other LSR9 ships, including the LSMR's and IFS-1, and crew of any other LST's to attend our reunions. The idea is to bolster our attendance so we can negotiate better hotel rates.

Silent Auction:  As has been our tradition at previous reunions, there will be a silent auction at the banquet dinner.  We ask that you donate an item from your home state (aprox $15 value suggested). Items from past reunions have included food items (wine, honey, dates, nuts, etc.), Navy memorabilia (hats, coins, silverware, and boatswain whistle, etc.) and craft items.  This activity serves as an ice-breaker before the banquet dinner, as shipmates and their guests try to outbid one another for these items.  Proceeds from the auction are used to help pay for the entertainment at the banquet, and to defray reunion expenses.  We have held this auction many times and have found it to be an enjoyable event as well as a great way to obtain a keepsake from the reunion.


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