Washtenaw's 2015 Reunion

We held our 2015 reunion in Charleston, South Carolina, August 26-30 at the Charleston Plaza Hotel. Many thanks to our hosts, Jim and Margie Hopkins and to everyone who helped make this a memorable reunion.

Our association photographer, Nick Motto, posted more great reunion photos for all to view. Nick's photos can be viewed here.

On Saturday we held our annual association meeting. All officers were re-elected for another two year term. Our bylaws call for an association vote on proposed reunion locations two years in advance. San Francisco was to be our 2016 destination, but we were unable to find a hotel in our price range, so next years reunion will be in Long Beach, and if all works out, it will be aboard the Queen Mary! It was voted that we look into San Antonio for our 2017 reunion.

Our 2016 Long Beach hosts will be Joe and Carolyn Rosenberg, along with help from Bob Coombs and others in the area.

You can view this year's association meeting minutes and financial report right here when available.

This year's reunion attendees:

Jim and Ann Bigelow, Mike and Ruby Blackwell, Harold and Vivian Bueker, Len and Lois Carida, Bob Coombs, Fred and Vienna Dreaden with daughter Bree, Jack Felman and friend Janette Tullock, Bob Hatfield, Arnie and Arlene Helfrich, Jim and Pam Hogan with Hoosier the service dog (LST1169), Jim and Margie Hopkins, Rich Leonhardt, Melvyn Metzinger, Nick and Patty Motto, Greg and Judy Pierceall, Bob and Donna Popma, Mike Redding, Joe and Carolyn Rosenberg, Mike and Kathy Shaw, Ron and Cindy Stettler (LST1169), Charlie and Jeanette Stevens with sons Charles Jr. and Matt plus grandkids, John and Rosalie Strittmatter, Ron and Sharon Tucker, David and Roz Vicknair, Gary and Jackie Williamson, Scott and Caryn Woodison, and Jon and Carole Woodyard.

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