Washtenaw's 2003 Reunion

Our August 20-24,2003 reunion was held in Portland, Oregon, and was another great success, although not quite as well attended as the 2002 reunion. There were many new faces showing up for the first time. Highlights included a friday night dinner at the Doubletree Hotel, and a visit to the ship on saturday. Captain Roger Smallwood, Washtenaw's 69-70 era captain, called in via speakerphone during the dinner to talk to everyone. Also held at the dinner was an auction of donated items from various states, which raised over $400 to be used for reunion expenses.

Thanks go to Tom Osmond and everyone else who helped make the reunion a success, and Larry Martin and his crew deserve thanks for all the hard work they did in preparing for our visit to the ship, with a special thank you to Jim Harp (Tom Green County crewmember) for helping aboard Washtenaw. Larry Martin Senior also deserves thanks for spending Saturday shuttling people back and forth in his ski boat, which was a lot faster than the ship's LCVP's!

Crew Photo by Mel Vineyard

Left to Right kneeling - Bob (Oral) Lee, Jack Johnson, Doug Smith, Nick Motto, David Vicknair, Gerald Mueller, John Strittmatter (plank owner), Arnie Helfrich (plank owner), and Tom Osmond.

Standing - Mike Shaw, Joe Rosenberg, David Campbell, Greg Pierceall, Sandy Weissman, Rick Leonhardt, Gary Glanert, Jim Hopkins, Bob Haley, John Williams, Bob Coombs, Dick Ronnow, James Schultz, Solly Davis, Tim Hoglund, Rich Berry, Bob Hatfield, Howard Smith, Everette Warren, Gerald Maloy, Bob Simpson, Mike Redding, and Mel Vineyard.

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Photo by Mel Vineyard

Washtenaw's volunteer crew:

Left to Right kneeling - Chad Parsons, Justin Atwood, Larry Martin Jr., Cory Parsons, Erik Martin, Jim Harp (volunteer from Tom Green County LST-1159), Walt James, and Jay Lance (present but not pictured)

2003 Reunion Photos by:

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