Washtenaw's 2002 Reunion

Washtenaw's first reunion, held August 14-17, 2002 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was a rip roaring success. By unofficial count there were 39 original crew members in attendance, including two plank owners, plus many wives and other family members. Also in attendance was Larry Martin representing Washtenaw's owner, the Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum. Larry gave a presentation on the Museum's plans for the ship. Next year's reunion will be hosted by Larry Martin in Portland, Oregon at a date to be announced.

L to R kneeling: David Vicknair, George Durtschi, Charlie Stevens, Milton (Ray) Calhoun, Devoyal (Skeet) Davis, Larry Langley, Jim Wolak, Ken Rosenbalm.
L to R standing: Warren Long, Daniel Herchenroder, Bob Coombs, Jay Brown, Henry Hanson, Harold Bueker, Ronald Telshaw, Michael Pankake (rear), John Lucas, Melvin Vineyard, Tom Osmond, Paul Roberge, Gary Glanert, James Schultz, Greg Pierceall, Gerald Maloy, Joe Rosenberg, Bob Simpson, John Green, Mike Shaw, John Baker, Al Weatherill, Bob Hatfield, Danny Cable, Bob Carson, Mark Peschier, and Jim Hopkins. Missing the photo shoot were Darrell Eldridge, Chuck Heare, Freddy Lee, and Rick Leonhardt.

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