Flicks of Washtenaw and Crew

This page will feature videos of USS Washtenaw County, her crew, and units she served with. As this web site is very limited in available space, all videos will be parked on other sites and linked from here, or may be offered for sale.

The first video is of our US Navy Memorial plaque dedication ceremony held during our 2009 reunion in Washington, D.C. We thank Mr. Paul Haley for taking this video, and for donating it to our crew members. Paul is the brother of Chief Bob Haley, who served aboard Washtenaw!
2009 Plaque Dedication Ceremony (link now dead and no replacement found)
Video size options list Small and Large, but full screen can be accessed by clicking the icon in the lower righthand corner of the video! Any ads appearing can be closed with a mouse click.

Dick Hamill, GMG2, has for sale his movie footage shot from the decks of Washtenaw throughout 1968 and into 1969. This video includes lots of scenery of the rivers of Vietnam, including the 3"-50's in action day and night, plus footage of Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and the seas in between! Originally shot with Super 8mm film, then moved to VHS and DVD at a cost of over $400. Help Dick recoupe his costs by paying only $20 plus shipping for this 1/2 hour movie on DVD. Contact Dick by email to order direct.

Dick says his video is now featured on site at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park in Angel Fire, New Mexico, and can be watched on video monitor in the Navy/Air Force room (video has been swapped out for another, so no longer viewable at Angel Fire). Don't miss the memorial next time you're in the area!

Next is a link to a short video of the Brown Water Navy in Vietnam, including boats of the Mobil Riverine Force, Swift boats, PBR's and of course LST's. Includes personal experiences of Wisconsin Veterans who served with the Navy on these boats and ships, including a veteran of our sister ship, USS Westchester County. View it Here along with several other Wisconsin Veteran videos from Vietnam.

On May 7, 2011 the dedication of Project Harbor's USS Washtenaw County display case took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This short
Documentary and Dedication Video of the event can be viewed on Youtube.

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