Tom's visit

Tom Osmond spent the first week of June, 2002 aboard Washtenaw, along with a few other former 1166 crew members. Here are a few photos from his visit:

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Several photos of the surrounding area
The River Queen, a former floating restaurant, aft of Washtenaw
Two photos of the CPO Quarters
Test panel in the Electric Shop
New paint of the forward superstructure
And on the starboard side too
The wardroom table set with what looks to be Washtenaw's original dinnerware
Three former crew members; left to right, Tom Osmond, Clay Morstad, Dick Dybdahl
Former crew member, Bob Heselberg, on the left, then Jim Harp (Tom Green County), three volunteer reenactor's, Chad, Rod, and Cory, with Bill Brown's legs to the right
Bar-B-Q on the fantail - left to right, Tom, Larry Martin, Bill Brown, and ?
Larry and Tom by the #2 starboard engine
Yet another former crew member, Steve Hartman, who helped Tom troubleshoot electrical problems
Left to right, Eric Martin, Bill, Larry, ?, ?. Eric and Larry are brothers.
Another former crew member. Anyone from Supply Department recognize this SK?
A Washtenaw photo from an unknown era
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