Recent Photos Taken in Portland, Oregon:

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These photos were taken by Lloyd King in 1998. Lloyd served on USS Polk County (LST-1084) and USS Washoe County (LST-1165) in the 1960's and would like to hear from fellow crewmembers.

Evidence of Panamanian registry
Washtenaw from across the river
Another river shot
Washtenaw's superstructure
Bow with gun shack and gun mounts removed
Another picture from the bow - compare with the next photo
A "before" bow shot with gun shack and gun mount 32 in place.
This picture was taken on Washoe County, LST 1165
On the bridge
Washtenaw's original wheels from the bridge and aftersteering are on
display at the Washtenaw County Courthouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Also on display is a model of Washtenaw County
Present day radio room moved up to 03 level
Another view of the radio room
Officers wardroom
Crew's messdeck
Cook's eye view from inside the galley
Crew's starboard head (up the ladder) as seen from
the tank deck with interior bulkheads cut out
Control panel in #1 engine room
View of main deck from the bridge
Main deck from bow
Crew's lounge/forward mess deck

Scene of many movies and card games

Mess deck/galley as seen from lounge
Stern and stern anchor
Starboard lookout station and boat davit
Stern anchor winch
Blueprint of 1156 class LST electrical wiring

 The following photos were taken in 1999.  The first two were taken from Willamette Drive on the oposite side of the Willamette river. The next two were taken from the parking lot in front of the buildings near Washtenaw. The rest were taken from far and near on the river.

 The next series was taken in 2000 and includes river shots from USS Wadsworth as she cruised by, and aerial photos with the help of Lloyd's pilot, Ron.