Vietnam Photos Page Three:

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These photos were taken by John Lucas. John served aboard Washtenaw from January 1967 to January 1969.

Westchester mine damage as seen from Washtenaw - November 1968
ASPB's A-91-2,7,and 6 - February 1968
ASPB A-112-7 January/March 1968
Mobile Riverine Force base ships APL26, Benewah, Askari, and Colleton
January/March 1968
Riverine boats heading in - February 1968
Two Cobra's used during Operation Bold Dragon VIII
October/November 1968
The Army's OH-23 Cyclops detachment on board - January/March 1968
Cyclops landing - January/March 1968
A Cyclops and three Tango's - January/March 1968
More Tango's - January/March 1968
French Fort - June 1968
Hospital ship Repose or Sanctuary probably near Da Nang
3"-50 gun mount 32
Safe Conduct Pass
Reverse side
Huey heading out - 1968
PACV cruising by - February 1968
Another shot of PACV
Skycrane at Dong Tam - June 1968