Vietnam Photos Page Two:

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Da Nang Harbor, September, 1969
Chu Lai, September 1969
Landing craft circling for assault on Barrier Island
Operation "Defiant Stand", September, 1969
U.S. Marine LVT's hitting the beach at Barrier Island
Operation "Defiant Stand", September, 1969
Republic of Korea Marines getting ready to hit the beach
Part of operation "Defiant Stand", September, 1969
Empty tank deck after launching LVT's
Cam Rhan Bay, January, 1969
A rice paddy somewhere along the river
A Vietnamese gunboat
Papasan and boysan out fishing for C-ration discards
Near Dong Tam, November/December, 1968
USS Chemung, AO-30, off the coast
OH-23 out for a mail run, July, 1968
Unidentified village along the river, July, 1968
Another unidentified village, July, 1968
Sunrise off the coast of Vietnam, June, 1968
Fishing at the mouth of the Mekong, June, 1968
Heading down river from MRB, March, 1968
A Vietnamese cemetery, March, 1968
Another unidentified village, March, 1968
A brick factory along the river, March, 1968