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A WWII aerial photo of the Christy Corporation shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Washtenaw was built on the far right slip according to Andy Laurent, a historian and owner of the photo's copyright. Andy also sent in a little trivia obtained from the Door County Advocate:

Sept. 1-3, 1953
The LST 1166, one of the largest craft ever built by Christy Corp., was damaged slightly when it rammed into the Ahnapee and Western railroad bridge on its return trip from Lake Michigan. The bridge was damaged extensively.

Sept. 8-10, 1953
The east draw of the old bridge is strewn with litter after being rammed by the LST-1166 at the close of its first trial run. It is expected that rail service over the structure will not be resumed for some time.

Visit this Smith Shipbuilding link for more information. Thanks Andy!

Air bedding day - from a history pamphlet
Era and source not known
Colorized version by Steve Hartman (Washtenaw 70-71)
Washtenaw in Hong Kong for R&R, December, 1968
Damage inflicted by merchant ship SS Kota Selatan
Hong Kong, May 1970
Photo taken by Greg Pierceall (Washtenaw Jan,69-Oct,72)
Main deck photo of SS Kota Selatan damage
Also taken by Greg Pierceall
Close-up of SS Kota Selatan collision damage
Photo courtesy of South China Morning Post & Greg Pierceall
© 1970 South China Morning Post
Bow of SS Kota Selatan
Photo courtesy of South China Morning Post & Greg Pierceall
© 1970 South China Morning Post
LST "row" upper right corner, Yokosuka, Japan.
photo courtesy of the "Willy" Boat DD-847 site
LST "row", Washtenaw coming out of drydock, August, 1969
Heading south with USS Washoe County, LST 1165
May, 1968 near Okinawa
Highline transfer with Washoe County
May, 1968 near Okinawa
Washtenaw taking on Marines - location not known. Photo by Jay Brown
Another one of Washtenaw taking on Marines. Photo by Jay Brown
Washtenaw taking on a Marine jeep - location not known. Photo by Jay Brown
NSA patch from famous Annapolis BOQ "hotel" near TanSonNhut Airbase.
Provided by Jay Brown, who was TAD to Annapolis for 5 weeks.
Washtenaw lighter belonging to Jay Brown
Back of Jay's lighter
My lighter collection. Lighter on
the left may be NVA issue???