My Washtenaw visit

UPDATE (9Mar02)

In February, 2002 I had the pleasure of spending 6 days aboard Washtenaw, and slept in the Captain's stateroom. I was welcomed aboard by Bill Brown and Larry Martin in reenactment uniforms!

My stay was not all play. Most of the restoration going on is interior cleanup and painting. Other than red primer on part of the superstructure, the exterior is still in need of paint. Most of the hull will have to wait until funds are raised to put Washtenaw into dry dock, as the old flaking lead paint needs to be removed under controlled conditions. As you'll see in the photos to follow, progress was made in the pilot house, ship's office, and barber shop, but there is still plenty to do.

Click on photos for larger view.

Me in the wardroom flanked by Bill Brown on the left and Larry Martin on the right. My original blue jacket and hat still fit - barely! The hat was stored in a seabag for over 30 years and has certainly seen better days.
Crow's Nest
Three photo's of the Signal Bridge.
Before and after photos taken on the bridge/pilot house.
Bill's sense of humor.
After removing the overhead and bulkhead wood covering - plus a little new paint.
Chart room
Four photo's of the Captain's stateroom.
Larry Martin's stateroom display.
Starboard passageway leading down to the Mess Decks. Small arms locker on the right.
Five photo's of the Mess Decks and ship's Galley
Forward Mess Decks/Lounge.
Two before photo's of the Ship's Office painted pink by the Panamanian's.
Larry and I caught in the act
Three of the Ship's Office after painting.
Larry and Bill watching paint dry.
Scuttlebutt and door into the Ship's Store.
Three photo's of the Ship's Store.
Barber Shop before painting.
Barber Shop being painted by Boatswain's Mate reenactor Cory Parsons.
The Post Office just across from the Barber Shop.
Aft Deck Force compartment. Through the doorway is the entrance to the Barber Shop. The hatch leads down to the Gunnery compartment.
Gunnery Compartment.
What's left of the Crew's Head. Most compartments forward have been cut out.
Best guess location of the Supply Compartment.
My "rack" would have been right here chest high.
Chief's Quarter's under the lounge. Some foam is still visible overhead.
A typical foamed in compartment. This one is under the Electrician's Shop.
The Gyro Room just aft of the Electrician's Shop.
Chunks of foam removed from a compartment.
Location of the Supply Office off the tank deck. To the left is the Carpenter's Shop and Machine Shop.
To the left is a remnant of the watertight door that led into the Supply Office and Disbursing Office.
On the port side up forward is the Anchor Windlass room.
And the Sail Locker is on the starboard side.
LCI 713, affectionately called "Elsie", is being restored by Mr. Walt James and crew. Elsie was previously owned by Art Raz too.
A pre restoration photo of LCI 713 taken by Lloyd King in 1998. Washtenaw does not look this bad!
My last day aboard we attempted to raise the anchor using the cargo hoist, since the anchor windlass required much more amperage than was available from shore power. We were able to take the slack out, but decided to let the tide pull the anchor out of it's 10 year rest in the mud. Left to right are Walt James, "Chief" Gilbo, and BM reenactor Cory Parsons. Bill was on the hoist and the Larry was off fighting a WWII reenactment battle!
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