Meeting called to order by David Vicknair at 4:00pm on 09/22/12 in Niagara Falls, NY.

David Vicknair welcomed all the attendees to the 11th year meeting of the LST1166.

A motion was made to defer the reading of the minutes from 2011.

Old Business: David Vicknair gave a final report on the Japanese Relief Fund which included the donation amount of $2,120.00 raised by the association. The response letter that was sent to the association will be posted by Bob Coombs on the LST1166 website.

Sickbay: A report was made on shipmates who were unable to attend due to illnesses. This list included Mel Vineyard, Lester Eldridge and Mike Redding.

Landshipron 9 Reunion: Information for this event is available from Bob Coombs.

Deck Log Books: The association wanted to show their appreciation to Greg Pierceall and Mike Shaw for their hard work in obtaining and transcribing the ships’ deck logs.

VA Registration: David Vicknair encouraged all Vietnam Veterans to register for the Agent Orange Registry through the VA. Association members who need proof of Vietnam service can contact Greg Pierceall for copies of the deck logs.

A motion was made by Gary Williamson to close old minutes and was seconded by John Williams.

Treasury Report: Jim Hopkins reported the following figures:
Cash Flow 10/1/2011 through 9/2/2012
Checking Inflows $ 6,343.00
Outs $ 1,579.54
Balance $ 4,763.46
CD $ 5,500.00

501K Status: The association is working on re-instating its nonprofit status which should be completed in the next 3 months.

2013 Reunion: A vote of the membership determined that the next reunion will be in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 25th thru September 29th. The hosts will be Ron and Sharon Tucker.

A motion was made by Carlos Campos to close the meeting which was seconded by John Williams.