Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Fundraiser

Final fundraiser results: We sent $2120.00 to the Japan Society, Japan Earthquake Relief Fund!

Here is a pdf copy of the thankyou letter received from the Japan Society.

To quote from our March 2011 Association Newsletter:

"Japanese Relief Fund:
The USS Washtenaw County Veterans Association has voted to conduct a fund raising drive to aidthe Tsunami Disaster victims in Japan. The funds collected will be matched by the Washtenaw County Veterans Assoc. up to but not exceeding $1000.00. The hereby named " LST 1166 Japanese Relief Fund" will have a cut off date of May 15, 2011 at which time the funds will be disbursed to a U.S. non-profit agency under the name of "USS Washtenaw Cty Veterans Association."

Please send donations to the association treasurer, Jim Hopkins at the following address: 298 Crosby Lane, Rochester, NY 14612. Please make checks payable to the USS Washtenaw County Veterans Association with a notation in the remarks line for "Japanese Relief Fund."

Many of us were stationed aboard the USS Washtenaw when she made her home port in Yokosuka, Japan. Let's see if we can, as an organization, give back to the place we called home for many seasons. Do you remember the meaning of "ichi-ichi, roku, roku"?

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