Washtenaw's Awards

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Washtenaw earned the following awards during her 20 years of service:

Combat Action Ribbon
2 Presidential Unit Citations
2 Navy Unit Commendations
4 Meritorious Unit Commendations
2 National Defense Service Medals
3 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals
Vietnam Service Medal (16 battle stars for the VSM plus the AFEM covers the first battle star campaign period)*
Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation**
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

*Note - USS Washtenaw County provided qualifying service during all 17 original Vietnam battle star campaign periods, missing duty only during the recently added 18th period which covered the 1975 evacuation of Saigon (Operation Frequent Wind). Service covering the first 16 battle stars can be found in the "Unit Awards & Campaign Participation" documents below, and the 17th can be verified in the DANFS history file. The first battle star period is covered by the AFEM, and the rest by the VSM.

** The Aug 22, 2006 Navy & Marine Corps Awards Manual states that the Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation includes the Gallantry Cross Color with Palm and Frame, and the Civil Actions First Class Color with Palm and Frame. The manual also states that the SECNAV has specifically authorized certain units of the Naval service to accept and wear these awards, and all Navy and Marine Corps personnel who served "in country" Vietnam during the eligibility periods are eligible for both awards. Service on the inland waterways is considered "in country". Since the Unit Awards & Campaign Participation file lists the RVN Gallantry Cross Unit Citation, the Civic Actions Unit Citation should be included, at least for periods of service on the rivers!

Most of the above awards were earned while attached to the Mobile Riverine Force and the Coastal Surveillance Force.

In addition, Washtenaw displayed the white Battle Efficiency "E" along with the Blue, Green, and Red "E's" during the 1968/1969 period. The Battle Efficiency "E" was awarded for the 1 July, 1967 through 31 December, 1968 competitive period, and also earned during earlier years.

Washtenaw's "Unit Awards & Campaign Participation"
from the Awards & Special Projects Branch
of the Chief of Naval Operations
Key to abreviations:
AE - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
CR - Combat Action Ribbon
MU - Meritorious Unit Commendation
NU - Navy Unit Commendation
PU - Presidential Unit Citation
RG - RVN Gallantry Cross Unit Citation
VS - Vietnam Service Medal
One incidence of Washtenaw's qualification for the Combat Action Ribbon
Thanks to Albert Moore from U.S.S. Benewah
Benewah Plan of the Day backside
Award of MUC to LanShipRon-9, which doesn't appear
on the Unit Awards & Campaign Participation list.
Thanks to Mike Shaw for this contribution, and the next three
1971 Letter of Appreciation from Admiral McManus for Washtenaw's
service with TF-115/Market Time operations (Swift Boats).
1971 Congratulatory Messages for Washtenaw's service with
TF-116/Solid Anchor and Mekong Delta operations.
1971 Letter of Commendation from Admiral Salzer for Washtenaw's
MACV-SOG participation in Operation Bright Light.
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