Al Dillon and Dick Ronnow visit Washtenaw

Captain Al Dillon, returning after a 37 year lapse, and Dick Ronnow aboard Washtenaw during a work party - April 2005. Thanks to Erik Martin for providing the photos:

Walt James, Retired Captain Al Dillon, Washtenaw's captain from 66-68, Larry Martin and James Dillon (Al's oldest son) arriving for a visit (Left to Right in all photos).
James Dillon, Al Dillon, Ensign (under Al's command) Dick Ronnow, an Engineering Officer (Mar68-Feb70) and Larry Martin.
Walt James, Al Dillon and Dick Ronnow on the bridge.
John, Al and James Dillon. John was 2 years old and James was 9 years old last time they were aboard Washtenaw!
Al Dillon, Jim Harp (LST 1159) and Al Berg (LST 1157).
Al Berg working on the generator.
Erik Martin breaking into the ship's office!
Miscellaneous work party photos.

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