Al Dillon's Photos

Vertrep near Hainan Island, circa 1966
Vertrep Hainan Island
LCDR Al Dillon on the helo deck in Danang Harbor
Villanova U classmates Major Marty Egan and Washhtenaw CO Al Dillon
at Danang. Major Egan was an A-6 Intruder pilot who dropped mines
in Haiphong River that Washtenaw later swept.
Cookout on the main deck
R & R on Grande Island, Subic Bay
Beer on the pontoon - Chaplain Nate Loesch and CO Al Dillon, Mekong 1968
VADM John Victor Smith presents Bronze Star Medal to Commander
Alfred J. Dillon for action while CO of Washtenaw County LST 1166
Schaefer beer can with VC flag painted on back, used as a trail marker
back side - VC flag
5 photos of the March 14, 1968 rocket hit
LCDR James Burpo on the left relieving CDR Al Dillon.
Change of Command Ceremony, April 1968
Crew group photo at Change of Command Ceremony

The next four photos were taken by Washtenaw's Executive Officer, Pete Crews during Deck House V in Jan '67

The Captain, Al Dillon
XO Pete Crews
BM1 Curtis posing on main deck with M50 106mm Ontos
Mount 31
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